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Our platform allows humans and technology to work together seamlessly giving you faster, easier translation services with competitive prices.

At MikDoss we are the future of translation and localization with our fanatical 24/7 customer service

We took responsibility and you can relax once your project is underway as our dedicated translation project managers to manage each and every part of the project.



Turnaround and service with Advanced Language Translation was great. Everything was prompt and the projects went smoothly,
  • We selected MikDoss website localization service to develop a number of foreign language websites to support our international internet marketing expansion program. We were extremely pleased with the thoroughness of their collaborative process as well as the quality of their work. What matters most, however, is the results, and we saw an almost immediate increase in our international website traffic after the [translated websites] were launched.
    Travis Jones, Developer
  • I am absolutely ecstatic over the translation process for this release. This was the first time I asked MikDoss Translation to do screenshots. The screenshots were fabulous. Hatim from MikDoss only asked me one little question (something I should’ve told her in the first place). Most importantly (at least for me), I wasn’t totally stressed out for the last week and I feel completely prepared for the next in-country review and the next release cycle. THANK YOU…to every person that had anything to do with this job; I am truly appreciative of everyone’s efforts.
    Mark Simonsen, Publisher
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